Career Guidance
Raise awareness by educating and involving public.
Educate the people to keep their locality clean and litter free.
Many benefits of career counselling we consider. Most of the time Students are in a big dilemma to choose the right career. As the choice is more, help the students to choose the right career path is always necessary.
We are arranging expert talk session which would help the students to be aware of the different sectors and its opportunities. This leads to help the students to choose the right career.
Learning Workshops
Conducting a learning workshops will help the students to explore the opportunities.
Financial Aid For Deserving Students
Money should not be a barrier for the education of a talented deserved students.
We Seersei help the financial aid for the students based on their academic profile. Also guide the students on how to approach the banks for education loan to continue their studies.
Personality Development Sessions
Personality development helps the students and youths to stand out from the crowd in job interviews and other public places.
We organize program for developing the personality which helps to think positive, implement their self confidence, responsibility and accountability.
Communication Skills Training
In our society, due to lack of communication skills students struggle to get the job.
Communication skills means not only linguistic proficiency, how effectively share the thoughts, listening to others and respond back promptly.
We Seersei organizing sessions for the students to improve their effective communication skills.
Placement Assistance Through Job Fairs
Job crisis in India is keep on increasing as number of graduates coming out from colleges getting increased year on year.
Meantime companies also struggles to recruit the right candidate for the right job.
As we are focusing on soft skills training and communication skills development, giving the opportunities from different sector and conducting job fairs to connect students with recruiters.