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Visually Imapired

Of the 37 million visually impaired people across the globe, over 15 million* are from India. That’s about 40% of the world’s total blind population – most of whom went blind unnecessarily. Everyone needs our support in many ways. From crossing roads to passing their exams, they need support and a helping hand. We aim at improving their lives and helping them out through technology.
You can make a difference by helping us combat the problem.

Economic Challenges
Disabled persons faces a myriad of economic challenges. Mostly they arise out of the discrimination that they face at family, institutional and central government level. They are less or not educated at all.Their level of participation in the economic arena is thus limited.
Physical Challenges
The disabled have difficulties in accessing various facilities. They cannot easily maneuver due to the discriminatory manner buildings were built. They also suffer challenges when using public transport which is the most affordable transport for them.
Psychological Challenges
Disabled persons also suffer from socio/ emotional and psychological challenges due to the way society view the disabled. People usually pass comments and remarks that are insensitive. Generally people even use derogatory words when referring to the disabled persons.
Find scribe with YESABLED APP
A scribe, sometimes referred to as an amanuensis, is an individual who can transcribe a student’s answers in any types of exams. The specific circumstances in which a student can access this support arrangement will be outlined in their personal.

How YESABLED App works?

Yesabled app was given birth to build a platform for differently abled community world wide. We aim at helping the student across the world to get their scribes for exams. Yesabled builds a bridge between the students with scribe requirement and volunteers who are willing to scribe for them. We facilitate confirmed volunteers to chat with the students to understand their requirements better. We work on enhancing their educational needs with the help of technology.

The purpose of this mobile app is to create and manage Scribe requirements for Differently Abled (DA) persons. This app enables the Volunteers and Coordinators to view and accept Scribe requirements posted by Differently Abled (DA). The Yesabled App will be used by three types of users namely Differently Abled (DA), Volunteer, Coordinator. The user interface and functionality of the app will differ according to the users.

Feature Enhancements
With the help of the Yesabled App, the Differently abled people will able to attain a scribe volunteer to write their exam without others help. The app will also enable the volunteers to find the right requirement. Hence the App acts as a bridge between the volunteers and the differently Abled. The following features to be implemented in the App will make it more user-friendly.
  • UI / UX Enhancements
  • Performance Improvement
  • Multiple Geographical Location
  • Easy Onboarding
  • Admin Feature Enhancement
  • Filters
  • Team Grouping Concepts
  • IOS Mobile App
  • Customized Dashboard
  • Audio Books