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To create the change that takes our community in a progressive path is the main purpose of the Charitable Trust, ‘SeerSei’, which was registered on 1st Nov, 2017.

The growth of an individual will make a huge impact in the Society. We identify the needs of an individual which will improve the Quality of their Life and help them. Our goal is to help everyone who deserves help and not just poor. Instead of feeding the man a fish, we teach them fishing, to sustain whole life. To succeed in life, don’t get money but learn to earn it.


To build a magnificent society through constructive, optimal political and socio- economic reforms.


To find an innovative solution for various needs and problems in society and implement it in optimal ways.

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We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.

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Founder's Message

From my childhood I conceptualized the idea of doing something that I could, for the community. History being my favorite subject at school, I was awestruck by the service and charity done by our Great National leaders. The difficulties they faced made me think that I should also play a pivotal role in improving this community.

Any change that we would like to see in our community can be quickly achieved if we work as a team than working as an individual. So I teamed up with some of my friends and offered some help within our reach. I expressed my intentions to some of my like minded friends. As everyone in the same page, we then registered ‘SeerSei’ as a Charitable Trust to bring up the change that we wanted in our community. We dedicate this to our Nation.
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